The Collektives - the greatest band you never knew. Formed in 2019, band mates connecting with audiences at music jams earning a reputation for uplifting performances of cult rock classics.  Demand grew for the group to play shows at local music venues which lead to the impromptu creation of the band known today. Front singer, Tatiana Blades, leads with incredible power captivating listeners with a distinctive voice that holds synonymous with the Blades surname.

Live performances alternate 3-6 musicians along with band mates Zeke, Eddy Gatoe (rhythm guitar); Joe Hernandez (drums)  Harold Trucco (lead guitar) and Gaston Zukowsi and Tatiana at the lead of each show. Their diverse backgrounds offer a happy mix of latin, punk rock and blues breathing new life into previously obscure and classic covers. All original music was written and created by the band with messages about life from their perspectives, success and failures. Originals : "All Within Me" - uplifting with a catchy melodic rhythm and an optimistic message about finding yourself";  "IDK What Love Is" - the pain of receiving love, letting it go and finding your own truth; "Honky Tonk" an energetic, knee slappin tribute to the country sub-genre and "Letting Go" a simple ditty about accepting the realities of life.

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BIG BREAK!? Will The Collektives be the Opening Act at Audacy's (formerly annual concert at the Hollywood Bowl? Last year's winner opened for Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Doja Cat, Kid Laroi, and Shawn Mendes. Support the band by sharing and submitting a free daily vote to this link : The band is also in the running as an opener for the 2022 Life is Beautiful Festival.

MUSIC BY THE collektives:

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