Introducing The Collektives: every note is a testament to their unbridled passion for music.

Formed in 2019, this band is a powerhouse of musical talent taking the music scene by storm. Renowned for their invigorating renditions of timeless rock classics, the band has swiftly etched their name in the hearts of every listener they have encountered. The demand for their captivating performances knows no bounds, propelling them onto prestigious stages such as the renowned FLA Live Arena , the iconic Margaritaville - Hollywood Bandshell and the FTL - Seaglass Experience. Moreover, their their unforgettable appearances at private and corporate events have made the band become the go-to band for music lovers seeking an unforgettable experience.

Front and center, the enchanting Tatiana Blades commands the stage with a voice that echoes her very essence and is synonymous with her surname. Leading a dynamic ensemble of 3-5 incredibly skilled musicians, including the rhythmic ways of Zeke Maniera on guitar and the mesmerizing lead guitar prowess of Harold Trucco, guided by the rhythmic heartbeat of Adiam Castillo's bass and the masterful drumming of either rock soul, Joe Hernandez or Phoenix Rivera, previously of the renowned "Eurythmics". Together, they craft music that connects with audiences.

What sets The Collektives apart is their diverse backgrounds, which blend seamlessly to create a truly unique sound. Melding rock, alternative, and pop genres, their music is a harmonious blend of influences that captivates the senses and leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Their reputation for breathing new life into obscure and classic covers is well-deserved, and now they're on a mission to create even more original music and unearth more classics to remake.

Whether you're a dedicated aficionado or a curious explorer of sound, prepare to be swept away by a symphony of emotions that only The Collektives can deliver.

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PRESS : WSVN - Deco Drive host the Collektives - watch the interview HERE.

Original music by the band are love letters to the world of personal experiences of success, failure and loss. Finding beauty in madness and stillness amidst the chaos. "All Within Me" - is about finding yourself and the lessons to be learned in each loss";  "IDK What Love Is" - a true testament to the reality of receiving love, letting it go and finding your own truth; "Honky Tonk" - a fun, upbeat, energetic, knee-slappin tribute to the country sub-genre; "Letting Go" - a simple ditty about accepting that life isn't perfect. "Backyard Boogie" - returning to their blues rock for this energetic and spunky funky pop mix that's a crowd pleaser.

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