The Collektives - the greatest band you never knew.

Formed in 2019, band mates connected with audiences at music jams, earning a reputation for uplifting performances of their cult classic rock remakes.  Demand grew for the group to perform shows at local music venues leading to the impromptu creation of the band known today. Front singer, Tatiana Blades, leads with incredible power, captivating listeners with a distinctive voice that holds synonymous with the Blades surname. Live performances alternate 3-6 musicians with band mates Zeke Maniera (Rhythm Guitar), Eddy Gatoe (rhythm guitar); Joe Hernandez (Drums),  Harold Trucco (Lead Guitar), Gaston Zukowski (Bass) and Tatiana (Singer) at the lead of each show. Their diverse backgrounds are a melting pot of a blues/punk rock with a strong presence of alternative and Latin genres bringing new life to previously obscure and classic covers.

PRESS ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sept, 2022 : WSVN - Deco Drive reported "Miami based, The Collektives, change up Latin, Reggae rhythms for rock and roll". Watch the full interview HERE.

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October 21st, 2022 (Friday) : Bougainvillea's welcomes the Collektives to the quaint, well known, South Miami staple for serving live music.

December 2nd, 2022 (Friday) : FRIDAY SOUND WAVES concert in Fort Lauderdale. Catch the band as they open the month long music series. This special show will feature original music (including new material never released) and remakes of your favorite oldies, 90's. Save the date, call a friend, make the plans and we hope to see you under the sky.

Original music by the band are love letters to the world of shared experiences of success, failure and loss. Finding beauty in madness and stillness amidst the chaos. "All Within Me" - is about finding yourself and the lessons to be learned in each loss";  "IDK What Love Is" - a true testament to the reality of receiving love, letting it go and finding your own truth; "Honky Tonk" - a fun, upbeat, energetic, knee-slappin tribute to the country sub-genre; "Letting Go" - a simple ditty about accepting that life isn't perfect, we'll never be fully ready but just gotta let go.

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Show dates :

Presented by the city of Fort Lauderdale Beach, we are happy to announce the Collektives will open the month long, live music series (free to the public). The event features South Florida AND the region’s best musical talents. Bands and musicians booked perform an eclectic range of genres.

MUSIC BY THE collektives:

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